Sterling Associates is a boutique business research firm operating out of Cleveland, OH. 


We help clients identify, prioritize, and answer the key questions that underpin business decisions, including strategy development, potential investments, sales force effectiveness, new market entry, and other initiatives.


We structure and execute focused research projects to generate proprietary intelligence that can inform client hypotheses and drive decision-making. Each project is designed to address the specific and unique issues our clients face.


A generalist firm, our work covers a wide range of industries. And our seasoned professionals, alumni of the nation's top educational programs and strategy consulting firms, bring years of experience and judgment to each engagement. 


At Sterling, we don't just deliver data. We engage. 

We listen closely and learn quickly, working collaboratively with our clients to outline detailed objectives and think through complex questions.

Thought Partners

Thought Partners

Our professionals have years of senior consulting experience in strategy, banking, and operations across a wide range of industries.


Thought Partners

Our model allows us to be highly flexible. We can scale resources to accommodate tight time frames. 

Projects get off the ground quickly and are executed efficiently.