What Makes Sterling Different?

Sterling Associates offers new hires unique opportunities.

► Valuable professional services experience


Sterling Associates is a boutique consulting / market research firm that develops custom business intelligence. We support our clients by helping them identify, prioritize, and answer key questions—questions that underpin their most important business decisions, including strategy development, potential investments, salesforce effectiveness, new market entry, and other initiatives. We design and execute research projects to test client hypotheses and guide decision-making. Projects are tailored to address the unique issues and questions each case presents.

► Exposure to a Wide Range of Industries


Our typical projects last 2-6 weeks, and we work on several projects at any given time. Accordingly, it is not unusual for individuals to be staffed on 20 or more projects in a single year. By the end of their second year, recent graduates are likely to have been exposed to more industries than most of their peers will see in their first five years out of school.

► Contribute in a collaborative, entrepreneurial environment 


Sterling Associates fosters a collegial environment in which new hires are encouraged to think critically and creatively about the firm's processes and approach. We are always looking for new ideas that can invigorate our work and make us better.

Applying to Sterling

We are looking for applicants with the following qualifications:

  • Highly self-motivated and self-directed

  • Effective time management and organizational skills: will be comfortable working across concurrent projects with demanding timelines

  • Exceptional critical thinking skills and comfort analyzing a variety of data—quantitative and qualitative, structured and unstructured

  • Attention to detail and keen judgment: can determine which findings are important (and which aren’t)

  • Proficient oral and written communications skills: able to communicate effectively and develop coherent, accurate narratives

  • Excellent interpersonal skills, including collaborating well in a team environment

  • Proficiency with Excel and PowerPoint is preferred, but we will work with promising candidates to develop foundational skills

For current Seniors and recent graduates, we have two paths: