Using a range of research tools, we generate data and develop insight that serves to underpin critical business decisions.


Our approach is detailed and thoughtful:

  • First, we work hard to understand how our clients are thinking about a specific decision—what are their key concerns, considerations, and hypotheses?

  • Then we help them identify and prioritize the questions that need to be answered in order to promote confident decision-making

  • We execute focused research to help answer those questions and test key hypotheses


Launching a project with a fully developed, well articulated plan is perhaps the most critical component of our work. Sorting through the “nice to know” and the “must know” and structuring project objectives that cost-effectively fit those priorities can be a real challenge.


But when a client engages us, they get a proactive partner. We work closely with clients to understand what information is needed to validate or challenge key hypotheses. We learn quickly and listen closely so that we can help identify, prioritize, and answer the most important questions for each situation.


Our clients come to us when the answers to key questions just aren’t available. Our mission is to generate a deep and detailed proprietary fact base that can inform decision-making.


We leverage time-tested research methodologies for each and every engagement. 

In-depth market interviews

Sterling's "bread and butter," our senior consultants conduct detailed interviews that offer a nuanced look at a particular market, company, and/or product.

Short survey calls

A cost-effective tool, short survey calls are often used to complement/amplify data from in-depth interviews in order to establish statistical significance and properly weight key findings.

Web survey

When the goal is to capture the broadest number of perspectives possible, a web survey is a useful tool.  We formulate precise questions that return data our clients can trust.

Secondary research

Usually used to complement and / or contextualize primary research. Our approach is targeted and efficient.

Execution is never on auto-pilot. We think critically and strategically about findings as we go, and quickly identify when course corrections to our approach may be required. Our professionals know when and how to pursue potentially material data that surfaces during our work, and they will often do so—even if it means going beyond the strict scope of work.


And clients are never in the dark. We make it a point to keep clients apprised throughout an engagement so that there are no surprises. 

Execution + Communication

Analysis and reports are oriented towards providing thoughtful answers to questions that drive client decisions, not toward regurgitating the data we collect.  Still, we produce detailed and comprehensive reports that ground clients in the data so they can reach conclusions with confidence.


Our projects are typically 3-6 weeks in length. We do excel, however, at operating under tighter time frames (less than 2 weeks). We also have experience with significantly longer engagements (2-6 months).