Thank you for YOUR interest in participatinG!

Sterling Associates is a business research firm that conducts hundreds of web / phone surveys and thousands of phone interviews per year. In the regular course of our work, we reach out to decision-makers and power-users across a wide range of industries to learn more about their experiences with specifics products, services, and vendors or to gather their perspectives on various trends impacting their markets.

These surveys and interviews are foundational to our process—as such, we are very serious about our responsibilities to the professionals who share their time and insight with our team.  This means respecting and preserving confidentiality and privacy.

If you are considering participating in one of our research initiatives and have questions about the process, please refer to the FAQ section below. You're of course always welcome to contact our team by phone—contact information for the right person should be included in any outreach you received (voicemail or email), but you can also call our general number (440.684.9850) and whomever you reach should be able to direct you to the right person. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  You reached out to me about scheduling a conversation / interview—how does the process work?

We can coordinate with you by phone or email to find a time that is convenient for you—we can accommodate most times, including early morning and evening. Once we agree on a time, someone from the Sterling team will send you a calendar invite via email. At the scheduled time, one of our interviewers will call you at your preferred phone number. (We are headquartered in Cleveland, OH, but our research team work in a number of locations in the US, so please note that you may see an area code other than those common to Northeast Ohio.)

  If I participate, will I be at risk for call-backs or calls + emails from salespeople?

No, you won't. Sterling Associates never shares or sells contact information, and sharing your feedback with us will never result in your inclusion on any sales / call-back lists. 

  How is the information you gather from these conversations + surveys used?

Perspectives are aggregated (to ensure anonymity). We use the information to inform tables, charts, and summary notes in the reports that we generate for our project sponsors. Your name will not be attributed to any of the information, perspectives, or opinions you share.

  Are the reports you generate broadly disseminated / publicly available?

No—our reports are shared only with our project sponsors. None of the information, perspectives, or opinions you share will be made publicly available. 

  Who are your typical project sponsors?

Sterling Associates ​conducts research on behalf of business entities who regularly monitor various markets for investment opportunities. 

  Your outreach mentioned a possible gift card or charitable donation in return for my time—how does that work?

Sterling Associates often offers participants a digital gift card or a charitable donation in their name as a 'thank you' for sharing their time and insight. 

  I already participated—why haven't I received my gift card / confirmation of my charitable donation?

Gift cards and charitable donations—often included as a 'thank you' for sharing your time with us—are typically processed in batches on Friday of each week. We always try and send them as soon as possible, but please allow at least one week for processing. You can also check your spam folder—sometimes notifications end up there. If two Fridays pass without notification, please let us know by completing the form below, and someone from our team will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Sterling Associates partners with GiftBit. Emails are sent to the address you provide, and the value can be redeemed online at a wide range of large retailers, including those listed below. You can learn more at



We also offer the option of making a donation in your name (or anonymously) to the charity of your choice. Over the years, Sterling has donated over $150,000 on behalf of our participants to charities including:


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